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Learning Pathway

"Our Children - Our Future"

"Engaged and diverse learners connected to our community and values"


  • C reativity 

  • R esilience

  • E xcellence

  • W hakaute (Respect)

MBS Values RAP
All right CREW its up to you, to show our values in all that we do;

School's a better place with a smile on your face, a smiley in your pocket and a sweet squad of mates; We're gonna aim high, we're gonna touch the sky, we never back down like birds we will fly;

R.E.S.P.E.C.T find out what it means to me,

W.H.A kau T.E. solving problems creatively;

Alright stop.  It's up to you with the right attitude be a part of the CREW;
We've come to the end but we'll never quit, the end is the start of a whole new bit, now DANCE!

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